Q-1. What is the Negotiator Mind?

The Negotiator Mind is one of the most powerful and highly intelligent programs we are born with to help us process our thoughts in a very unique way. Unlike our “Ego” program, it collects the wisdom from the heart, mind, soul, and intuition and combines them to give you a single answer to any problem or situation you’re facing.


M –  Manage and balance your emotions that connect with your “Ego”

  –  Inspire you and boost your confidence, self-esteem, and your creativity

N  – Navigate between your heart, mind, soul, and intuition to give you the right answer

D  – Decrease your anxiety and give you clarity so you can tap into your unlimited potential and recognize your true life purpose

You will experience the harmony flowing between your heart, mind, soul, and a deeper spiritual connection as you learn to access this program. It will guide you and empower you to take action towards a better life.

It is like adding turbo boosters to your vehicle. Your Negotiator Mind will help you to get where you want to go much faster than you ever thought possible with less effort and time invested getting there.

Q-2. Can The Negotiator Mind help me in my business?

Absolutely. The more you learn how to connect with your Negotiator Mind, the more you will be able to…

  • Think clearly so you can make better choices and decisions
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Deal with obstacles and stress
  • Have healthy relationships with your customers and business associates
  • And more…

Q-3. How did Aimmee discover the Negotiator Mind System?

By Aimmee Kodachian

I was very young when I first discovered and deeply connected with my Negotiator Mind. It guided me to tap into unlimited Creativity and helped me not only survive life’s great challenges, but it led me to thrive on a journey I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

You are probably curious and wondering how my Negotiator Mind was able to guide me and help me to be where I am today. Let me share with you the story of how I discovered this amazing program that guided me through a harsh and unforgiving journey. 

Growing up, I had to deal with a learning disability that today we know as Dyslexia. My teacher did not understand what was happening with me. I was punished, put down, and my spirit was crushed every time my teacher accused me of being lazy in front of my friends.

I was 12 years old when the 1975 Lebanese Civil War began. One morning, I was sitting in the living room having a great conversation with my favorite brother, Robert, who was 20 years old. From nowhere, he asked me what I would like to be when I grew up. I told him my dream was to become a teacher. He replied with confidence, “Why not? I will help you to reach your dream, Aimmee.” At that moment I felt special and was filled with love, peace, hope, and joy.

I got up to get his tea from the kitchen, and not a second later a bomb flew through the window into the living room and killed Robert right in front of my eyes. I saw my mom in the next room going out of control, screaming and attempting to jump out of the window, and my father holding her back. Smoke filled the house and the bombs, one after another,  kept dropping on each floor of the 5-story building where we were living, and with each one, I was shaken to my core. On that day, I not only lost my favorite brother, but I lost my mother emotionally and mentally. Our life turned upside down in the blink of the eye.

Peace, hope, and joy, were stolen away from me along with everything else that mattered. We became homeless and were forced to separate, each one of us staying with a different relative or anyone else who had a heart big enough to take us in. The whole country shut down as the war started to progress.

My family decided to send me and my six-year-old brother, Roger, to a school in the mountains for safety. My heart went with my parents as I watched them drive away, leaving us behind. I didn’t know if I would ever see them or hear their voices again. There was no phone and the roads were impassable. I had no mentor and no shoulder to cry on.

Food was in short supply there, and we had no electricity or running water. My brother would dig through the garbage to find scraps of food to eat. I could feel and see his broken heart. Tears would run down his cheeks as he asked me about Mom and the rest of the family.

I had no choice but to be strong for him and take on the role of mother. I would comfort him and share with him the small amount of food I was given even while I was losing hope, scared, confused, and devastated by the idea that we might not see our family again.

I felt powerless, afraid, and alone. My heart filled with darkness. One afternoon I sat down on the bench and leaned my back against a tree. Then I took a deep breath, opened my heart, and I completely surrendered to the one thing I knew was bigger than the darkness. I looked up and asked God, the loving and caring Creator I’d been raised to believe was there for us, to help me.

At that moment, the feeling of darkness was replaced and filled with light. Then, I heard my inner voice whispering in a very unique and different way, one I never heard or felt before, telling me that everything was going to be okay. Somehow, I felt the harmony flowing between my heart, mind, soul, and my intuition as they were connected. My spirit lifted and I experienced a deeper spiritual connection. I could feel that I was slowly starting to process my thoughts differently and everything became clear. This is where I first discovered my Negotiator Mind™.

Several months later, I was united with my family, but our lives were never the same. Due to my severe dyslexia and the war, I was forced to leave school after the 4th grade. My dream of becoming a teacher was fading away. Having no hope or opportunity, I was persuaded into marrying just a few days after my 14th birthday, and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Silva, at 15. When I first laid eyes on her and held her in my arms, deep in my heart, I felt I was given a very special and precious gift, and a reason to live.

Later, I became a single mother before I turned 19 in a culture that had no room and no sympathy for divorced women back then. I lived through the war for 13 years, escaped death several times, and lost many family members. In the meantime, I was perfecting and learning how to stay connected, and paid very close attention to the source of my thoughts. Learning to stay connected took a lot of hard work,  like when I first learned how to drive my car. I felt excited, and it gave me a sense of empowerment and freedom. But I had to stay focused to stay in my lane and pay attention to where I was going.

Every time I trusted and followed the right thoughts, I was able to see the light through darkness when everyone around me couldn’t.

The challenge I faced was that when I was connected to my Negotiator Mind, I could see and understand things that were not clear to other people around me. It was hard to share my thoughts and opinions when everyone was judging me because I wasn’t successful in my marriage and I wasn’t known for being smart in school. Unfortunately I was not able to explain, talk about,  or introduce anyone to the uniqueness of their Negotiator Mind. No one could understand the power of that gift until they experienced it for themselves.

One day, I decided I had enough of living in the war, where I had no hope that I could give my daughter a good life and be the best mom I could be. I began searching for a way to make sure that we both had the opportunity to have and live a better life.

By that time, I learned how to deeply connect with my Negotiator Mind, and it convinced and guided to leave my home country and to immigrate to the United States. I arrived in the U.S. with less than $200 in my pocket and a 10-year-old daughter to raise. I couldn’t read, write, or speak English. I found myself facing many different kinds of obstacles and challenges than I had during the war. As reality sank in, everyone started telling me “How are you going to make it? You don’t have money, education, or skills, and you don’t speak English.”

My daughter and I were living in people’s houses, moving from place to place every couple of weeks or so, not knowing what was going to happen to us from one moment to the next. One night, we had to sleep in a small closet, hiding from the woman’s husband. I desperately needed to connect with my Negotiator Mind ™ but for the first time, I wasn’t able to. I was frustrated and I couldn’t understand why. I started to doubt it could help me.

At that point, I was exhausted and the fear of the unknown started taking over my emotions. My heart filled up with darkness, something I was very familiar with. I felt powerless, afraid, and alone.

This is where I discovered the hidden secret that was stopping me and everyone else who wants to connect with their Negotiator Mind ™.  I realized that I wasn’t allowing myself to be vulnerable. My fear was telling me that I needed to stay strong, alert, and in control as much as I could. As a result, I closed my heart and gave permission for my “Ego” to take over and protect me.

As soon as I saw that, I opened my heart and completely surrendered. Once again, I asked God, my Creator, for help. Soon enough, I was reconnected with my Negotiator Mind™ and I began to hear that beautiful, whispering sound guiding and directing me in a very peaceful and beautiful way, which allowed me to think clearly and slowly replace the darkness in my heart with light.

I must say that I had a very powerful “AHA” moment when I reconnected with my Negotiator Mind™ the second time. I learned that there was nothing wrong with having a “healthy Ego”. That gives you the boost to get up and be the best you can be. The “Ego” program” was given to us for a reason. The key was not to get rid of my “Ego”, but to balance it so that it could work along with my Negotiator Mind . Learning how to balance between my “Ego” and the gentle, soft whispering voice of my Negotiator Mind ™, led me to live a life I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

I went from no hope or opportunities and having only a 4th grade education to achieving everything I have accomplished today. Best of all, my dreams of becoming a teacher came true. I might not be teaching in the classroom, but I am reaching out to people from around the world, introducing them to  this beautiful gift we have been given and teaching them the insights, wisdom, steps, and techniques I learned that helped me to strengthen my connection with my Negotiator Mind™ so they can discover and experience the power of their true purpose and live their dreams just like I am doing today.

Q-4. How and why did Aimmee develop the Negotiator Mind System?

By Aimmee Kodachian

For many years, until I learned otherwise,  I thought everyone was naturally connected to one of the most powerful and intelligent hidden programs we have been given.

I truly believe that every single person has a special and unique gift, just like our DNA. No one else can have 100% of your unique gift or DNA. You and I have been given that for a reason. But no one can truly and deeply understand that reason, UNTIL THEY START LIVING IT.

I have seen many people who are very good at achieving their ultimate goals. They learned how to stay focused, be persistent, and take action. But yet they have not experienced peace, happiness, and love in their life. That is because they worked hard to reach their ultimate goals through their unhealthy “Ego,”  which guides them in the wrong direction where they lose HOPE in humanity, and they get caught up in the material world that will never give them peace, joy, and true happiness.

I am so blessed to experience the beauty of peace, joy, love, and true happiness. Best of all, I got the opportunity and the privilege to teach people how to keep their hope alive.

Because HOPE is….

H-  Having

O- Opening

P- Possibilities

E- Every day

In order to live my true purpose, I not only had to learn how to stay focused, be persistent, take action and balance my “Ego”. I had to learn to trust in that beautiful gift that has been given to us to help us collect the wisdom from our heart, mind, soul, and intuition to guide us through the roadblocks that are holding us back from living our true purpose.

One of my quotes is “Giving is Living”. I am not talking about giving your money. I am talking about giving and sharing the gift you have been given. So my question to you is this:


Q-5. How can I connect with my Negotiator Mind?

1. Sincerely and deeply acknowledge and trust that you have been given a very special and unique Negotiator Mind that is here to serve you and protect you throughout your life’s journey.

2. You must balance between your healthy and your unhealthy “Ego.”  Here is the difference:

Healthy Ego                                  Unhealthy Ego

E- Embraces                                 E-  Eliminates

G- Great                                         G- Great

O- Opportunities                          O- Opportunities

~Aimmee Kodachian

3. Be aware of your unhealthy “Ego.”  It can sneak in and take control of your life. You will not be able to access or connect with your Negotiator Mind if you don’t pay very good attention.

4. Sit straight up. Put your hand on your heart and, without any expectations, take one deep breath. Open your heart, and give yourself permission to completely surrender. Take one more deep breath and with all your heart allow your Negotiator Mind to serve you.

5. Whatever your situation might be at that moment, make sure you don’t ask for anything except guidance and clear directions. As you learned, your Negotiator Mind is very soft and it will whisper to you. Pay very close attention to your thoughts.

6. Always remember that the key is not to get rid of your “Ego” but to balance it so it can work along with the Negotiator Mind.

“The “Ego” program was given to us for a reason. There is nothing wrong with having a healthy “Ego.” It gives us a boost to get up, compete, and be the best we can be. The solution is to learn how to balance between our “Ego” and the Negotiator Mind ™ so they can work together in harmony to get you the results you want to have in your life.” ~Aimmee Kodachian
If you’re interested in learning more about the Negotiator Mind, please click on this link to watch a video:


Q-6. What is preventing me from connecting with my Negotiator Mind?

The Negotiator Mind is a program that operates within us just like the Ego program. It connects with you in the form of thoughts and it will stop working for you if…

  • You’re not able to balance your “Ego”
  • You think you need to get rid of the “Ego”
  • You don’t know how to operate the “Ego” program properly

Q-7. How can I learn more about The Negotiator Mind

Aimmee has developed a Monthly Negotiator Mind Program where she takes you deeper and teaches you How To Tap Into and Connect with Your Heart, Mind, Soul, and your Intuition at the same time. She will guide you and give you steps, techniques, and powerful Insights that will help you find and embrace your unique gifts so you can live your true purpose and make a difference in the world, just like she is doing today!

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