Meet Aimmee Kodachian

Aimmee Kodachian is an Author, TV Host, Keynote Speaker, Creator, Producer/Director, Special Liaison Officer for Women’s Federation For World Peace

Aimmee lived through the Lebanese Civil War for 13 years. At the age of 12, a bomb killed her older brother right in front of her. In the blink of an eye, her family would soon lose everything and become homeless. Aimmee was faced with enormous obstacles and many challenges. Due to her severe dyslexia and the war, she was forced to leave school in the 4th grade, lost her dream of becoming a teacher, and was left with no opportunities or hope.

Aimmee was persuaded to marry young. The ceremony took place just three days after her 14th birthday. At 15, she became a mother. While still a teenager, she became a single mom and was left with no education, skills, or money. That was only the beginning.

However, on her long and harsh journey, Aimmee discovered the secrets of how to recognize and negotiate with her Negotiator Mind™ and experienced the magic and the power that would change her life forever.

Despite having only a 4th grade education, unable to speak, read, or write English when she arrived in America, she challenged herself and became a Creator/Producer/Director of several TV shows, a Keynote Speaker, and a Special Liaison Officer for the “Women’s Federation For World Peace” USA. Aimmee also created the online classes “How To Transform Your Thoughts From Wanting To Having” and the monthly Negotiator Mind™”online program. In addition, she became an author, a TV Host, and a Seminar/Webinar presenter.

Aimmee believes that God saved her life many times for a very good reason: To Empower Humanity through Inspiration, Knowledge, and Education. She is very determined to help people see light in the midst of darkness. She gives them direction and guidance to discover the hidden secrets they possess. She introduces them to their Negotiator Mind™, helping transform their business and personal life!

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