The answer is very simple but it is not easy. You might ask, “Why isn’t it easy?” I know because I’ve asked myself the same question the times I have been stuck in many different situations in my life. However, each time I found a way to get unstuck when I realized that the answer to the solution was simple but was not easy. Each one of us goes through different situations where we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward to live our true purpose. Your situations might be similar to someone else’s but it is never 100% the same. Even though our situation might be different. We can all learn from someone else’s experience.

I am going to share with you the simple but powerful steps, techniques, and insights I’ve learned throughout my journey that will be able to help you in many different situations. If you are open to it, and are willing to pay attention to what I am about to share with you, you might save yourself years of struggles and frustrations. It might even help you to transform your life.

Please first allow me to share with you bits and pieces of my journey so you can have some idea of how many times I was stuck and not able to see the light. I hope by sharing my story with you, you will also see why it is important to me to help you get unstuck.

Growing up, I had a learning disability that today we know as dyslexia. Well, not necessarily your average dyslexia since I wasn’t able to read one simple sentence. School was very difficult for me, and I repeated my class year after year. You can just imagine the frustration and embarrassment that came with my disability. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not focus on reading or writing. I was punished, called lazy and everything you can imagine. I didn’t know how to explain what I was dealing with and I had no opportunity to defend myself.

Basically, I had no choice but to accept that I was born that way and different from my friends. I also had to accept the unkind words that my teachers and family members said to me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Being and feeling stuck was part of my daily life at that time.

However, when I look back now, I can see that even though I didn’t realize it back then, I was learning different survivor skills that have helped me to keep going until this day. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes we get stuck in different situations that are completely out of our control. And from each situation, we learn something totally different.

In 1975, the Lebanese Civil War began. At the age of 12, I lost my older and favorite brother, Robert, to a bomb. He was killed right in front of my eyes. I was stuck and not able to get into the room to save my loved one, and I don’t wish for anyone to even imagine that to happen to them. In the blink of an eye, my family lost everything and we became homeless. On that horrible day, I not only lost my brother but my mother mentally and emotionally. She was no longer able or capable of raising her children. She relied on her pills to cover her horrible pain. I had no choice but to take care of my six-year-old brother. I was faced with enormous obstacles and many challenges. Due to my severe dyslexia and the war, I was forced to leave school in the 4th grade, lost my dream of becoming a teacher, and was left with no opportunities or hope. As I was turning into a teenager, I felt stuck, confused, and I had no direction or guidance.

I was persuaded to marry at the age of 14, and at 15, I became a mother. While still a teenager, I became a single mom, left with no education, skills, or money. That was only the beginning of 13 years living through the Civil War and learning how to find my way every time I was stuck.

When I get the opportunity to come to the United States, I was so happy, excited and looked forward to trying a new chapter in my life. Despite having only a 4th grade education, unable to speak, read, or write English when I arrived in America, I thought, I no longer will feel or be stuck. Well, soon enough, I discovered that was only a thought.

It took me years of determination, persistence, and challenging myself to become the person I was meant to be. Every time I found myself stuck, I used the simple but not easy techniques to help me get unstuck and stay focused. Doing that, I was able to move forward despite any challenge or situation I was faced with. I became an entrepreneur, and soon after I became an author, a Keynote Speaker, a Creator/Producer/Director of several TV shows including my show “Empowering Humanity,” and a Special Liaison Officer for the “Women’s Federation For World Peace” USA.

I hope by now it is clear to you how many times I was stuck in various situations and how many times I was able to find a way to get unstuck.

Today I feel obligated to share and help others to find the light through the darkness as I did. Being stuck is a horrible feeling that takes away your creativity, clarity, and blocks you from connecting your heart, mind, soul, and intuition—actions that guide you to find solutions for your problems or situations.

Here are the steps. Are you ready? As I promised it is simple but is not easy to do.

1- You must acknowledge that you are stuck because of the way you are thinking about your situation at that moment. Your thoughts are so powerful they are in control of activating your feelings, and your feelings will activate your unhealthy emotions, and that can take away your clarity, joy, happiness, holding you back like a prisoner. It will give you a false sense of feeling stuck and hopeless. Acknowledging that you are stuck because of the way you are thinking is extremely important.

2- Pay VERY close attention to the situation you’re in. You will discover whether you are blaming yourself for the situation or blaming others. As soon as you become honest with yourself and take full responsibility for the situation, that will help you to get out of your own way. You will begin to free yourself from feeling shame and blame.

3- Ask yourself the right question. Instead of saying I need to find out WHY I am stuck, turn it around and ask yourself WHAT can I do, and who can help me solve the situation I’m in.

Remember, there is no magic pill that you can take to solve all our problems. But there are always solutions to any situation you are faced with. Just by acknowledging your situation, getting out of your own way of blaming yourself or others, and changing the WHY? to WHAT?, you are on your way to getting unstuck.


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